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Savignone is a lovely hill village set in the greenery of the Ligurian countryside. During the last century it became famous as a spa resort, giving hospitality to the Genoese aristocracy in the holiday season. Nowadays it lays peacefully around the elegant piazza dominated by Palazzo Fieschi, a fine example of 16th century architecture. The medieval castle towering over the village was the stage for love affairs, fights and family feuds as the Fieschis ruled until 1624 over their fief and the neighbouring territory.

The whole area, far away from city bustle but very near to Genoa (only 25 km.) is rich in tourist attractions: get on the Trenino di Casella, discover the Castello della Pietra, explore the Parco dell’Antola and a kaleidoscope of sanctuaries and tiny churches, or biking along scenic trails.
If you love short trips have Genoa,Portofino, the Cinque Terre, the cellars of South Piedmont and the Serravalle Designer Outlet at a few miles’ drive.
Liguria is a green bow facing the sea. But leave the coast and Genoa to discover its heart, a countryside where human rhythms are still natural. And nature reveals itself both in the thick of the woods and in the slowness of the tracks. Follow them to hidden lakes, sanctuaries, glades where the fallow deer dwells.
This green heart has a strong beat, far from the banal holidays and the crowded places that deceive your expectations. Here, towns are presepe villages. Railways are narrow-gauged. Alpine huts are shepherds’stone cabins.
Dive in ancient values and traditions: exciting excursions (smooth or difficult), niche museums, perching castles, skilful craftsmen. Come taste a hearty welcome, sit at our tables and touch glasses with us. Enjoy a genuine experience, enriching your soul and long-lasting in your memories. We are waiting for you. Come when you prefer, here you feel fine all year long.

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