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It isn’t easy to talk about one’s restaurant without being cloying and if the person writing is also the chef then the risk is greater. The reader will think: “Of course she speaks well of the dishes, she prepares them!” And so I simply ask you to try them.


When you do decide to vacation with us, perhaps because you are curious and intrigued by the possibility of partaking of the unique historical ambiance even just for one night, stay for dinner as well. Leave your habitual eating habits behind for just one evening and indulge in a cuisine rooted in tradition.


When you do decide to head outdoors on a lovely sunny day, give in to the lure of the hinterland, take a small detour off the provincial road, drive up to the center of Savignone and visit us.


Whether you want a quick and inexpensive tasting in our “trattoria” or a peaceful and tasty lunch in the chimney dining room, you will receive a warm and informal welcome worthy of the period abode of which we are caretakers. And… once you have finished dining it will be up to you to talk to your acquaintances about us, in the manner which you deem proportional to the service you received.


Without a doubt, the compliment which I, as the chef, most long to receive is when guests thank me for making them savour once more the flavours and odours of their infancy when their mothers or grandmothers cooked for them at home.


It’s certainly true that, now that I have passed my sixties, I can truly consider myself “an old chef”. However, I know that this statement doesn’t refer to my age, but rather to my cooking, and this is something I pride myself in. In all these years my goal has not been to seek out the new which, quite frankly, doesn’t interest me, but rather to rediscover and consolidate our genuine cuisine using local produce (both zero food miles as well as Ligurian produce or produce attested as genuine) and the composition of the original recipes.


Raviolis, Pesto, Pasqualina cake, Stews, Lasagne, Roast, Sauces and Soups, Borage, fresh Lettuce from the garden, Quarantina potatoes, Fagiolana beans from Torriglia or freshly-picked Artichokes from Albenga, Stockfish or Salted codfish, Fassone meat tartare or Mostardella salami may seem like obsolete and outdated dishes and products, but if they are prepared following the right cooking times and with the right ingredients, combined with our Ligurian oil or our local butter and the flavours of our herbs, I can guarantee that these are delicacies worthy of note. All this is just waiting for you… in this mountain corner just 25 minutes from the seaside by car. We are thrilled to welcome you and anxious to see your reaction to our dishes, which we hope will be favourable and generate positive word of mouth which will ensure others come to visit after you.


We wish to mention that at our restaurant, besides the dishes prepared on the spot, you can also organize Parties, Cocktails, Baptisms, Weddings, First Communions. For companies: daily meetings with a coffee break and lunch, meetings lasting several days thanks to our 24 available rooms, and training courses thanks to the fully equipped rooms, and much more thanks to our lovely baby grand piano which will liven any event or which may offer ad hoc musical events. 

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