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Palazzo Fieschi at the beginning of the 20th century - painting by De Avendano, Modern Art Gallery, Genova Nervi "Its beautiful piazza (100 steps in length and 40 steps in width) gently slopes from north to south. Palazzo Fieschi stands at the top of the eastern side of the piazza, its façade overlooking the sunset." Thus - starting from Palazzo Fieschi - began Goffredo Casalis in his description of Savignone around 1850. Today's overall impression shouldn't diverge much from what its ancient dwellers saw in bygone days. For centuries this was the stage for love-affairs, fights and family feuds as the Fieschis ruled over their fief and the neighbouring territory. There is scanty information about the construction of the Palazzo, which - according to the official bibliography - was probably built during the 15th century. The massive look of this noble residence (whose facade is still enriched by two angular watchtowers) witnesses a long sequence of radical transformations. The changes due to Count Ettore Fieschi almost certainly modified between 1565 and 1569 the status of the building from late medieval fortress to Palazzo Comitale (official residence of the count and his family), a rank kept up to the end of the feudal age.
In 1847 Carlotta Fieschi, the last member of the dynasty, rented out the whole estate to Dottor Romanengo. The property was turned into a luxury hotel with spa. The Giardino of the Conti di Savignone (i.e. the wide park at the back of the Palazzo) became an oasis of amenity for the Grand Hotel's guests. A long era of neglect followed this time of joy and activity.
In the 1990's a loving restoration work has brought Palazzo Fieschi back to its original splendour. The works have been carried out by the owners thanks also to the funds allocated by Regione Liguria and under the supervision of the Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici e Ambientali della Liguria.
Little by little the intriguing history of the Palazzo emerged, bringing back to light its original structure - e.g. the beautiful vaults at the first floor, hidden for centuries under false ceilings.
Today we can enjoy the charming atmosphere of this noble residence, whose protection is entrusted to its ancient proprietor the Gatto dei Fieschi.

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